CA²RE+ LJUBLJANA is promoted by the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture and Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

The LJUBLJANA event addresses the topic REFORMULATION. The event builds on the topics: OBSERVATION, SHARING, COMPARISON, and REFLECTION explored at previous CA2RE+ events. It represents a first step in building an extended DDr FRAMEWORK. The event strives to reformulate and refresh the idea of the doctoral evaluation training as an event. It will translate and expand the DDr STRATEGIES and EVALUATION processes to increase their relevance to related disciplines that have previously informed DDr. This step redefines the experiential DDr knowledge explication through performances and discussions with the broadest possible audience. It aims to identify the boundaries of DDr's relevance: when is the approach specific enough to be engaging and generic enough to be applicable?

The event raises the question of what the CA2RE community need to reformulate to strengthen DDr: How can we qualify the different levels of observations and reflections on the research to evaluate the quality of DDr? How can we address general research criteria of relevance, rigour and originality in ways that make them stimulating for researchers and strengthen the intersubjectivity of DDr? How can we improve our understanding of the processes of ongoing DDr? How can design questions be directed into research questions and aims, and how do we assess the research relevance of these questions and aims? How can relational and situational design activities become relevant research contributions outside their specific context, and how does this become relevant for other research approaches? How can the individual researchers approach their research to make it accessible for new panellists? How can we translate the common ground and shared understandings that are developed through DDr to new audiences? To rephrase, redraw, reconstitute, retransform, reconstruct, regenerate... are all actions described during the last CA2RE/CA2RE+ event in Hamburg. What do they reformulate, why, how and when? The CA2RE/CA2RE+ Ljubljana discussion will engage in these type of questions.

LJUBLJANA can express its artistic and architectural research tradition through this project step with its sensitivity to delicate and even vulnerable places of our contemporary architectural and urban environments. The architectural culture in Slovenia reflects the small-scale hybrid landscapes of settlements with a very high level of vulnerability of places, due to both natural and cultural spatial dynamics. The research culture is thus hybrid and inclusive, open and flexible to a wide variety of DDr research approaches. LJUBLJANA can also build on the experience as the organizer of the second in the CA²RE conference series in Autumn 2017. If that event was oriented to the supradisciplinary field or the arts and architecture, the CA²RE+ in Autumn 2021 looks to the wider context of humanities and social sciences. It takes the advantage of the established research ties between the Faculty of Architecture, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, and also the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences. It brings environmental psychologists, philosophers, anthropologists, urban sociologists, geographers, experts in cultural studies, experts in human resource management, and other related experts into the discussion.

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