Aboasfour / Identifying Informal Settlements in Post-War Aleppo and Possible Applied Solutions

Identifying Informal Settlements in Post-War Aleppo and Possible Applied Solutions

Author: Yara Aboasfour, Universidade Lusófona do Porto and Universidade de Coimbra

Supervisor: Edite Rosa, Dra., Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Research stage: initial doctoral stage (1st Year)

Category: Extended abstract

DDR Statement

The housing theme is considering a priority and an urgent need for the immediate urban and design response, and because we are on the verge of the stage of reconstruction, it is an important opportunity that we must use positively to change the reality of informal settlements, as well. Finally, these areas considers one of the main causes of the Syrian crisis, as the war broke out in Aleppo in these areas in particular, and it formed an incubating environment of armed conflict. Thereby, improving the situation of these areas and strengthening the relationship between them and the city, will be a way of resolving existing conflicts and achieving urban equality between all individuals, which can be one of the most important key factors for resolving the Syrian crisis.

DDr Research Methods

  1. A comprehensive assessment of the situation of informal areas in Aleppo in all stages and respects (Architectural features, the geographical distribution, the huge of destruction, the reasons for its spread and development, the main characteristics of them, their common features, the differences….etc.) analyzing architectural drawings and plans, photographic documentations, Google earth, statistical data… etc.
  2. Provide a review of previous architectural Syrian case studies regarding the most important procedures and policy approaches, before, and after the conflict made by the Syrian government in this respect.
  3. Review of international experiences in the reconstruction of low-income housing and informal areas (i.e. SAAL in Porto, Portugal 1974, Favela-Bairro Project in Brazil 1995, Singapore’s experience ….etc. )Also the recommendations adopted by international organizations concerned with both disaster and slum management.