Bogdanova / Places Built by a Character

Places Built by a Character Transforming a Literary Tool into a Design-oriented Perspective Multiplicity

Author: Viktorija Bogdanova, University of Ljubljana

Supervisor: Tadeja Zupančič, prof., University of Ljubljana; Paul O Robinson, doc., University of Ljubljana

Research stage: final doctoral stage

Category: Paper


This exhibition / research paper aims to trace and to re-formulate the characterization experiences of my personal design practice in the past few years. The elaboration aims to offer an insight in the modes of characterization covered by the dissertation, and the ones out of it (the ‘grounded’ practice and the art therapy experiments). Some of the characters dwell in hypothetical projects, far from the actual reality, while some of them are ‘built’ upon interviews with real personalities. Some of them are architectural entities themselves, while some of them are mixtures of personal stories alternated with a different / alternative plots of development. All of them communitcate between each other in a perplexed manner. The paper/discussion/exibition aims to trace the meshwork of discussion between the characters from different projects of my design practice, that is – to offer a panoramic view on the varieties of the inner world of the characters, and at the same time, to offer the reader a perspective through the eyes of the characters, in writing, drawing and poem-drawing.

Keywords: keywords: poem-drawing, character, architectural design