Frangipane / Narrative as a Design Tool in Marginal Landscape

Narrative as a Design Tool in Marginal Landscape

Author: Marianna Frangipane, Politecnico di Milano

Supervisor: Andrea Di Franco, Politecnico di Milano

Research stage: initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract


Marianna Frangipane is a 1st year Ph.D. candidate in Architecture, Urban and Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano. She studied at ENSAP of Lille and ENSA of Paris-Malaquais and she gained her bachelor's and master’s degree at Politecnico di Milan, where she graduated in 2019. She worked at Mosbach paysagistes office in Paris. She is co-founder of Forme Tentative Ass.. She is a member of the Terzo Paesaggio Ass. board of directors. She is currently involved in different action-researches, and she is tutor in Design Studio course by Prof. Andrea Di Franco at Politecnico di Milano