Geuna / Learning from Dementia Villages

Learning from Dementia Villages Examining End-of-life Care Spaces as XXI Century Collective Living Types

Author: Alberto Geuna

Supervisor: Pierre-Alain Croset, DAStU, Politecnico di Milano

Research stage: Intermediate doctoral stage

Category: Paper

Affiliation: Politecnico di Milano


In recent years various trends have reignited a broad interest in community living, particularly in the developed world. One of the main aspects of this current is that an aging population increases the demand for assisted living facilities in most nations. The emerging importance of assisted living facilities corresponds with the rise of healthcare architecture in both the academic and professional sectors. This Ph. D. research project focuses on end-of-life facilities as emerging collective living types in the West, focusing specifically on Dementia Villages, a recently developed end-of-life care facility type. The subject of the research consists of the ensemble of architects and developers involved in their construction. This work will provide insights regarding the logics underpinning these spaces and the skills architects and developers acquired during construction, allowing for examining these building types’ influence on the broader field of collective living architecture.

Keywords: Assisted living facilities, end-of-life care, dwelling forms and practices