Li / Adaption through Design

Adaption through Design Coastal Ecological Corridor as a Nature-based Defense to Tackle Rising Sea Level

Author: Jiaxi Li, Politecnico di Milano

Supervisor: Matteo Umberto Poli, Politecnico di Milano; Andrea Oldani, Prof., DAStU, Politecnico di Milano

Research stage: Initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract

DDR Statement

This study briefly introduces the coastal protection solutions of using the coastal ecological corridor as a nature-based defense to tackle rising sea levels in order to provide references for coastal eco-designers. The content of this DDr has divided into two aspects: On the one hand, some existing studies have summarized coastal landscape design components, or landscape pills (Miriam García García, LandLab); meanwhile, some studies have extracted Sponge city design components, such as rain garden, sinking green space, etc. How to establish the design principles of ecological corridors by using these toolboxes to reduce land subsidence and solve the problems of urban expansion and landscape fragmentation is one of the focuses of this research; on the other hand, at present, there are many pieces of research on the construction of urban ecological corridors, and the construction generally needs to consider the connectivity, width, and composition of the corridors. By studying the factors that affect the design of urban ecological corridors, the principles of construction, and related research, urban ecological corridors' design experience can be partially applied to the design of coastal ecological corridors.Adaption through Design