Mishio / Healing Homes

Healing Homes A Search for a Future Home that Fosters Holistic Wellbeing

Author: Rose-Ann Mishio, Politecnico di Milano

Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca, Professor Dr., (Polimi), AUID, DAStU, Politecnico di Milano

Research stage: Initial doctoral stage

Category: Paper

DDR Statement

The research began from the search for architecture that was suitable for wellbeing, as a response to a better future home design for all - irrespective of age or health status. It set off with theoretical research coupled with reflections that gave rise to mapping of design theories and principles which guided the selection of case studies. The selection of the case studies in itself, through assembling, articulation and the comparison with theories aided the research through formulating and reformulating design characteristics of a healing home. With what Pier Vittorio Aurelli describes as ‘mediums’ of the project - texts without which architecture cannot be realised and ‘drawing’ by which one is able to ‘think through architecture’, the mediums were used in parallel. Thus, the research continues in the form of drawing and redrawing accompanied by texts of reflection and interpretation of the cases which gives rise to the hypothesis of the research.

In the second phase, the research envisions a project phase where the results deduced from the first phase can be tested through designing using the knowledge and concepts drawn from the hypothesis. The 3 possible testbeds in consideration are : hybrid buildings, new housing typology or adapting to an existing house. The personal position taken in the research interplays between the ‘researcher’ and the ‘designer’ as the back-and-forth process brings the project together.

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