Cardenas Nino / Housing and Innovation

Housing and Innovation Technique and Domestic Space in the Residential Works by Pierre Jeanneret, a Contemporary Analysis for Design Housing Solutions

Author: Oljer Cardenas Nino, Politecnico di Milano

Supervisor: Orsina Simona Pierini, Politecnico di Milano; Carmen Espegel, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Research stage: Initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract


Under the name Housing and innovation: Technique and domestic space in the residential works by Pierre Jeanneret, a contemporary analysis for design housing solutions, the doctoral thesis focused on the research carried out by a forgotten modern architect and his quest to solve the domestic habitat in different geographical and emergency contexts is presented, with the aim of contributing and enriching contemporary research on prototypes, techniques and tools for new residential proposals that respond to contemporary socioeconomic and climatic conditions, pursuing what Walter Benjamin wrote: "Nothing that has ever happened can be taken for lost", since the new is accompanied by the redemption of everything past.