Rizzo / House Plans

House Plans A Society Matter

Author: Carla Rizzo, Politecnico di Milano

Supervisor: Marco Biraghi, Politecnico di Milano

Research stage: Initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract

DDR Statement

The use of DDr approach is fundamental today that we live in a multicultural society where the grade of interconnectivity is by now exaggerated, and due to this the consideration of different factors affecting architecture design is essential.

It is unappropriated, and would be even harmful, to think about architecture as disconnected from the social context of belongings and to ignore the historical repertoire as it should be used as a foundation for the contemporary design.

Research by design should be also research by history of the design. In these terms the research expects to use a methodological approach based on the study of architectural drawings, in particular plans intended as the fundamental method of representation for architecture and for its practice, their comparison and redrawing in order to outline multiple research lines throughout history, reaching the complex status of the contemporary condition. The goal could be twofold: to point out the existing correspondence between the conception of architecture, its representation and the way in which it responds to the necessity of life, or on the other side to stress where this coincidence of factors is lacking, in both cases drawing the consequent conclusions.