Sapone / Precision wildland

Precision wildland Designing Third Landscape within the Smart City

Author: Sara Anna Sapone, PhD Candidate, Politecnico di Milano

Supervisor: Emilia Corradi, Prof., DAStU, Politecnico di Milano; Michela Longo, Prof., DENG, Politecnico di Milano; Sara Protasoni, Prof., DENG, Politecnico di Milano

Research stage: Initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract


In the context of a changing world and the advent of the Anthropocene, the research reflects on the dichotomy technology and nature. Trough the lens of a specific context, the Smart City, it shifts from its traditional narrative. With the idea of a “precision wildland”, it intertwines technology with nature to preserve biodiversity and manage reclamation processes.

The research goal is to formulate a process/project to test whether the informal landscape can be mapped, managed, and emphasized through design and digital technologies for its aesthetic, communicative and ecological potential.

To narrow the scope, a precise test-bed typology is at the core of the study, railway yards, due to their innate “intelligence” and the spontaneous pockets of wildland that inhabit it.

Keywords: Smart city, Informal landscape, Railway yards