Spagnolo / Sharing Landscape

Sharing Landscape Beyond the Urban-rural Dialectic; New Productive Soils as a Form of Settlement Resilience

Author: Isabella Spagnolo, Politecnico di Milano

Supervisor: Guya Bertelli, Prof., DAStU, Politecnico di Milano; Marco Bovati, Associate Professor, DAStU, Politecnico di Milano; Andrea Oldani, Prof., DAStU, Politecnico di Milano

Research stage: Intermediate doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract

DDR Statement

For the DDr we intend to systematize a series of keywords, design references, and interpretative schemes, like an ex libris in the form of a dictionary, which will serve as a methodological guide. The design application is seen as verification of the theoretical concepts. But the three sections of the research are not intended as consequent to each other but in continuous exchange between them, in a process of constant modification and evolution since the design strategies will certainly derive from the references but also, from the study of the selected project areas.