Verzella / Water Resilience

Water Resilience Operative Key Concepts for Climate-resilient Urban Waterfronts

Author: Elena Verzella, University of Ferrara

Supervisor: Alessandro Massarente, Prof., University of Ferrara

Research stage: Initial doctoral stage

Category: Paper


Water has always been an essential social, economic and cultural component in human beings’ existences. However, recent imbalances between climate changes, natural ecosystems and the anthropic world have dramatically changed the terms of this relationship, transforming the idea of “water” from a reason of development to a reason of risk. As a reflection, also urban waterfronts, from being lively and active areas, have been gradually losing their central role, more cause of dangers than opportunities. Therefore, through a renovated urban and cultural connection between water and built-up, is it still possible to define a different design methodology, based on more dynamic and adaptive operative key concepts, which converts these areas into climate-resilient places, capable not only to withstand the upcoming and always more challenging threats but also to be (again) a resource for their cities?

Keywords: Active border, temporal component, mapping