This call for participation in Joint Staff Training is addressed at the staff members from the CA²RE+ full partners, new in DDr or new in doctoral evaluation. The planned CA²RE+ participation regards the involvement in the peer review process (evaluation process of PhD candidates’ submission). The JST participants will also contribute to the CA²RE+ database of evaluation materials. The accepted applicants get an opportunity for experiential training of (doctoral) research evaluation discussions as members of panels with experienced evaluation teams.


  • Active participation in at least 3 days of the conference;
  • Active participation in the peer review process;
  • Active participation in the evaluation panels of doctoral work at the Ljubljana event;
  • Active participation in the summary sessions at the Ljubljana;
  • Feedback about the impact of the Learning Teaching Training activity by filling the project questionnaire after the event;
  • Submission of the reviewing/reporting materials according to the instructions of the CA²RE+ contact at your institution.

Please, send your motivation letter with your cv and portfolio (pdf or web-links) to the CA²RE+ contact at your institution by May 3, 2021. As the places in the evaluation panels are limited, the CA²RE+ consortium will select the most motivated eligible candidates from each CA²RE+consortium institution. The motivation can be expressed also through the involvement in the selection process of the doctoral candidates. The selection of the JST people is based on the sending institution proposal.