Chinellato / Narrating the City

Narrating the City A Narrative Typology of Place-making Process Through Script, Storytelling and Performance

Author: Enrico Chinellato, Designer & Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna

Research stage: Doctoral application

Category: Extended abstract


This research explores a narrative typology of place-making process by studying its implication in the context of urban renewal through three tools: the script, the storytelling, and the performance.

A first section will examine and define the notions of script, storytelling and performance as they relate to different kinds of narratives at stake, while circumscribing what can be recognised as narrative in creative place-making process in the context of urban renewal.

A second section will elaborate an applicative procedural model as the base for the theoretical definition of a narrative typology of place-making process. The notion of script/scripting is here understood as a narrated process of three phases: in-script, de-script, and re-script.

A third section will present a design-led textual/visual report of the application of the procedural model on a localised case study focussed on the Mahane Yehuda market and the Beit Alliance site in the historical center of Jerusalem.

Keywords: narrative, place-making, script