D'Oria / Archrypt

Archrypt The Time-capsule as a Design-driven Method

Authors: Mariacristina D'Oria, University of Trieste; Gianluca Croce, University of Trieste; Valentina Rodani, University of Trieste

Supervisors: Giovanni Corbellini, Professor, Politecnico di Torino

Research stage: Research project developed connecting our individual PhD research trajectories.

Category: Artefact


The architectural discipline has always had to interface with the constant threat of disasters, offering its performative skills. The contemporary condition has provoked several catastrophes, accelerating the perception of a global situation perpetually in the balance. Taking to the limit the threat of a more or less imminent “end of the world,” the project considers the idea of collecting and archiving the attempts that the architectural discipline has produced in contexts dominated by specific criticalities, hypothesizing a time capsule to be transmitted to the posterity of a future post-apocalyptic society. The process of selecting and cataloging projects and related associated disasters feeds the archive's construction, defined by a ready-made operation of archetypal forms. The project's transmission required a different comparison with the methods of translating the message concerning the possibilities offered by the different media and related containers in the contexts of performance and exhibitions.

Keywords: Apocalypse, time-capsule, archeology of the future