ter Weel / Geometries of Time

Geometries of Time

Authors: Taufan ter Weel, TU Delft; Mariacristina D'Oria, University of Trieste

Supervisors: Roberto Cavallo, Dr. ir., TU Delft; Heidi Sohn, Dr. ir., TU Delft; Giovanni Corbellini, Professor, Politecnico di Torino

Research stage: Intermediate stage. Research project developed connecting our individual PhD research trajectories.

Category: Artefact


In the matter of the global catastrophe we are facing today, the multimedia installation explores different scientific abstractions produced from the Enlightenment onward in connection with their social and environmental implications. More specifically, we question and contextualise the tensions between the increasingly blurring absolute representations of reality and the relative spacetime of entangled processes by means of architectural diagrammatisation and multimedia experimentation. The work aims to critically examine the concept of tabula rasa, the succession of superimpositions and erasures that constantly reshapes the formation, morphology, and very meaning of landscape, as well as the notion of void or vacuum without matter or energy.

Keywords: Diagrammatisation, entanglements, space-time-matterings