Zander Fisker / Reflexive Practice

Reflexive Practice

Author: Maja Zander Fisker, The Royal Danish Academy

Supervisor: Henrik Oxvig, Ass. Professor, Head of PhD-program, IBBL, The Royal Danish Academy

Research stage: Initial doctoral stage

Category: Artefact


The presented experimental work is a part of the PhD Project Reflexive Practice – Trans-medial Process and Method in architectural Education. The experiments are based on an architectural practice that reflects upon the significance of heterogeneous medial affordances conceptually, creatively and aesthetically. Through a montage of photographic series and footage of casting models and a specific site (with the working title Simultaneity – Scapes & Elements), the project examines how the trans-medial practice influences the creator's imagination and creative process. The practice is contextualized on a critical reflection on the notion of place as a material and social compound.

Keywords: Architectural media, Photography, Place