Conference Program

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Zoisova 12, Ljubljana: Fabiani's Auditorium, Vurnik's Auditorium, Plečnik's Auditorium, Gallery

University of Ljubljana, Kongresni trg 12, Ljubljana: University Music Hall ('glasbena dvorana').

Please respect the vaccinated-tested-recovered rules and present your certificate while entering!


Fabiani's Zoom:

Vurnik's Zoom:

Plečnik's Zoom:

Fabiani's Miro 1:

Fabiani's Miro 2:

To use Zoom, download (update to) the latest version of the Zoom Client (desktop version). Please check your video and audio settings in advance! Joining from your browser is an alternative in the case of having issues with the Zoom Client. In that case, please make sure that the you have the latest version of a standard browser installed, such as Chrome, Firefox and Chromium Edge.


at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture - name: visitors, password: faculty21